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You can also get help with your accommodation and visa issues and you can also contact us concerning credit transfer information. Our news section will update you with latest news related to student mobility including application times and impacts. Furthermore, our blog will examine issues such as what is ECTS, What is a Dual Degree and similar questions to help inform you of terminology and processes involved in the student mobility process. You can also find listings of universities in our portal as to their offerings in student mobility.


Student Exchange Portal is your one stop portal for all student exchange, semester exchange, student mobility queries. Universities can also contact us regarding student exchange and student mobility opportunities for their students. We also offer consultancy to universities in expanding their internationality efforts and international student exchange efforts. Whether you are a student or a university, if you are interested in student mobility and internationality, then student-exchange.org is the right website for you. You can contact us and we can help set up mobility programs for your university.


You can also ask questions about student mobility in our forums and they will be answered by mobility experts and Erasmus mobility specialists. In fact, you can ask anything in our forums ranging from student visa applications to how to prepare your statement of purpose completely free of charge. You should read our blog on how to choose the right international student mobility to get the best possible option (such as Erasmus mobility or bilateral mobility or free mover mobility) Please feel free to consult us if you need any advice on your student mobility program.

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