This page is for universities that are looking to expand their international network for student exchange. As student-exchange.org we are happy to provide support to universities that may be thinking of becoming part of a network to promote student mobility across the globe. We feel that student mobility helps to promote academic solidarity and understanding of people across the world as students can be ambassadors of their home country as well as their home institution.

You can read about how to create international mobility for your students as a university in our blog post here:

How to Create International Mobility for your Students as a University?

Please feel free to connect to us at member@student-exchange.org if you wish to become part of our network. We will try to match you with other universities who may be members of our network and this way you may have more student mobility options for your students. Your students will also be able to opt for mobility programs offered by the member universities in our network. We also provide consultancy services to international departments of universities to help you grow as a university.

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Through this site, you can sign up to our information network for newsletters and announcements and updates designed for universities on news and information related to international student mobility, international student exchange and international student scholarships and opportunities so that you can inform your students as well. Please click here to sign up for our newsletter and information network for universities.

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