How to Create International Mobility for your Students as a University?

admin 0 Comments January 19, 2020

Many universities have understood the importance of creating international mobility for their students. In fact, in 21st century, students of universities across the globe have started demanding student mobility opportunities through various opportunities such as Erasmus mobility, bilateral mobility or even as free movers. The main responsibility for such activities relies on the International Office of the University. The International Office may also have an International Student Office as well.


The International Office is responsible for creating MoUs between various universities and the home university so that the students between two universities can move between each other. If they are European Universities then usually the funding for the student mobility comes from Erasmus Program of the European Union which supports such programs. If the universities are non-European Universities, then a bilateral agreement may define the level of support for student mobility between the two institutions. There are many modes of funding that may be available including Erasmus Plus Programs (such as KA107) and as a university you can offer your students many options such as semester exchange, dual degree programs, summer internships or international certificate courses.


In case you need help as a University to jump start these programs, please contact us through the Contact Us Section and we will be happy to help set up such programs at your University.


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