What Documents Do I Need to Apply as an International Student?

admin 0 Comments January 20, 2020

Being an international student can be very disconcerting as it could be confusing to apply to different opportunities such as student exchange, semester exchange, dual degree programs, summer internships, certificate programs or summer schools. In these instances, there are some documents that can be used in general to apply for different opportunities. Some of these documents include:


  • CV (Preferably in Europass CV format)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcript of Records
  • Reference Letter from your Professors
  • Nomination Letter from your International Office
  • Passport Scan Copy of First Page (if requested)


All of these documents will come in handy for your applications. Your CV should be as comprehensive as possible. You should make sure that your statement of purpose accurately describes your objectives and your ambitions as well as your potential skills. You must be honest and it may be a good idea to get help from your mentor to fine tune your CV and your Statement of Purpose. The recommendation letter by your Mentor must contain specific description of your abilities that differentiates you from others.


Feel free to contact us if you require consultation to help put your application package together.


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