Canadian Visa Processing Time for International Students is Getting Faster

admin 0 Comments November 27, 2020

Visa processing times for students travelling to Canada could be less than government estimates, according to stakeholders in the country’s English language and K-12 sectors. It was observed that students from some countries – including Japan, Vietnam, Korea, China and in Western Europe – are having their study permits approved quicker than expected.

Students in India in particular are still likely to face delays as application centers remain closed, but it seems that for other locations:

Visas are being processed and they will be processed much faster now,”

 Canadian-Student-Visa-Processing-TimesVisa application processing has been the source of much frustration for many international students – and there are concerns that longer processing times could put students off from applying to courses.

Indian students have been expressing their concerns with visa processing times on Twitter – with some saying that Canada’s decision to let international students into the country is essentially rendered useless if they are unable to get visas processed.


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